Abstract paintings ...
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Ártéri úthoz vázlat - Rajzok


Drawings and graphics ...
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Budapesti látkép - Budapesti rézkarc


Etching pictures ...
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A vecsési piac - 2012 - Tájképek


Landscape paintings ...
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Márványsügér - Astronotus_ocellatus - Természet


Paintings of animals and plants ...
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Photo background

Photo backgrounds painting ...
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Nagyanyám - Portré


Portrait paintings ...
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Konyhai csendélet

Still life

Still life paintings ...
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Tisza - Akvarell


Watercolor paintings ...
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Welcome dear visitor!

Gabor Honffy profile picture
Gabor Honffy profile picture

On this page you can view recent times, made in about fifteen years, oil, acrylic, akvarellfestményeim best and etchings, until the early works now. Please consider it an exhibition, which is the real Gallery in no way could be established, because most of the pictures, of course, is no longer in my possession, but thanks to the Internet, a virtual gallery, megvalósulhatott without any difficulty.
There now follows some data about me, but you can skip calmly because it is not too exciting.
So: I was born in 1968, in Budapest, kies. Schooled primarily performed, always – I’m proud of you separately – at the right time. This process is well advanced, according to “smart” wallpaper resulted in Estonian, who fried meat same time our country was eager to use it. And since we have since engaged in “image-making”. I am a Vecsés PerifériArt Fine Arts Studio has an enthusiastic member since 2000, where I took part in many exhibitions in Vecsés and many parts of the country.

The members PerifériArt Studio:

Görög Béla, Baranyai Zsolt, Barcsainé P. Györgyi, Bán Zsófia, Dobos Rózsa, Fekete Szilvia, Gáll Sándor, Honffy Gábor, Kaiser Ilona, Kanizslainé Hübel Mária, Kordás Sándor, Nagy Györgyi, Pálmai Dorottya, Somogyi Ági, Várhalminé Cinke Mária.

I hope this tutorial sufficiently appreciate these individuals, and if you happen to be suggestions or comment, you can write straightway e-mail address:


or the Guestbook.